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Rice planthopper

    Rice planthopper can cause field losses by iercing and sucking the phloem of rice in the rice region. Brown Planthopper, White Back Planthopper and Small Brown Planthopper are the most common species. They can be found in many provinces of China, especially in middle and lower Yangtze River and North China.


(1) Brown Planthopper


(2)White Back Planthopper


(3)Small Brown Planthopper

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    Rice planthopper, as a kind of important pest insect, has many grass hosts such as rice, wheat, barley, sorghum, sugar cane, amur foxtail, barnyard grass. Rice planthopper can spread the plant virus such as rice black strip dwarf virus, wheat rosette stunt virus, maize rough dwarf virus, etc.


    Current control effort heavily relies on chemical insecticides, which is challenged by the increased problem in development of insecticide resistance in planthoppers. Working with Nanjing Agricultural University, Wolbaki has made important progress in developing Wolbachia-based population replacement and suppression for planthopper control. For the first time, we have successfully transferred a novel Wolbachia strain into small brown planthopper and demonstrated that the novel Wolbachia can induce strong cytoplasmic incompatibility and block plant virus transmission (Gong, et al. 2020. Current Biology).

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