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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) release system adopts an electric vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing UAV, with following features: long flight time and range, high speed, small size (only 10kg), high maneuverability, portable, intelligent (one person can complete the operation), etc. 

Main performance parameters are as follows:
Maximum takeoff weight: 10KG
Maximum payload: 3KG
Wingspan: 2.2m
Length: 1.6m
Maximum or Operating cruise speed: 70km/h
VTOL power source: electrical machinery
Flight power source: electrical machinery
Recommended operating range: 250km (with 1KG payload) – 130km (with 3KG payload)
Maximum flight altitude: 5500m
Wind resistance: Grade 6
Operating environment: -20℃- 60℃
Maximum capacity of release chamber: 1 million male mosquitoes
Effective release time: 40s/ sortie
Effective release area: 100,000 square meters (flight altitude 80-100m)