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Automatic pupae sex sorter
Model: WBK-P0001-V2

1. Size: L x W x H = 110cm x 70cm x 164cm
2. Separation efficiency: 0~150,000 per hour
3. Female contamination rate: 0.5%
4. Automated sorting, collection and water recycling
5. Touch screen control, easy to operate
6. Simple installation, easy for shipping

About this item
The sorter can be applied to separate Aedes and Culex mosquito male pupae from female pupae based on their size difference. Compared to Fay-Morlan sorter, this mechanical device removes the human labor to load and adjust the parameters during each sorting, thus increasing the efficiency significantly. After the parameters are set, it will automatically separate and collect mosquito larvae, male and female pupae into different containers. See the feature report on this sorter at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Insect Pest Control Newsletter (Page 23).