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Mosquito pupae sex sorter
Model: WBK-P0001-V1

1. Size: L x W x H = 63cm x 40cm x 56cm
2. Separation efficiency: 0~20,000 pupae per hour
3. Female contamination rate: 0.5%
4. Simple installation and operation
5. Light weight, small volume, easy for shipping

About this item:
The sorter can be used to separate Aedes and Culex mosquito male pupae from female pupae based on their size difference. The design was initially described by Fay & Morlan (1959, Mosq. News. 1059; 19: 144-47) and modified by Focks DA (J Med Entomol. 1980;17(6):567-8). Males separated by this sorter maintain great quality and can be used for mosquito population suppression using either Wolbachia-based Incompatible Insect Technique (IIT), radiation-based Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), or other similar approaches.